Datalytics Publisher

Why Datalytics Publisher

iSOCRATES Publisher DatalyticsTM solution

  • Delivers a full publisher ad, property and page revenue, yield, efficiency, and optimization Business Intelligence solution across your direct, RTB and secondary monetization solutions
  • Retrieves and combines data with DatalyticsTM ETL from all property, advertising, measurement, and brand safety data sources preparing the data for integration and mapping
  • Integrates and maps the data from your Ad Servers, Demand sources, DSPs, SSPs, 3rd Party Ad servers, Web Analytics, Ad Viewability, Header Bidders, DMPs and other property and AdTech systems
  • DatalyticsTM Publisher includes retrieving data via multiple options including, but not limited to, API, email, csv upload, Cloud, and database connect
  • Dynamically add new data sources automatically and on demand
  • Upload historical data from prior quarters and years
  • Data collection and integrations across all major technologies, databases and data sources including but not limited to the following:
    • Publisher Ad Servers: GAM, AppNexus/OAS, Zeta/Sizmek, etc.
    • 3rd party Advertiser Ad Servers: GMP, AppNexus/OAS, GAM, Zeta/Sizmek, Amazon, etc.
    • Header Bidders: Prebid, AppNexus, Rubicon, Index, OpenX, Amazon, etc.
    • SSPs: GAM, Amazon, AOL, AppNexus, Index, Rubicon, Pubmatic, etc.
    • DSPs: Xandr/AppNexus, DV360, The Trade Desk, Amazon, Media Math, Amobee, Dataxu, Zeta/Sizmek, etc.
    • Internet/Mobile Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.
    • Viewability and Brand Safety: MOAT, IAS, DV, comScore, etc.
    • CDPs/DMPs: Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Lotame
  • Custom data collection and source integrations available

Datatlytics Publisher TEMS

DatalyticsTM Publisher TEMS in action

  • iSOCRATES proprietary data mapping solution for all your omni-property, multi-channel, ad sales, AdTech, system, and technology data sources
  • DatalyticsTM Publisher TEMS (Trade Element Mapping Solution) matches up the data from your Ad server and SSP, Ad server and Advertiser Ad server, plus viewability and more to analyze, direct, programmatic, and secondary revenue, efficiency, optimization, mix, and yield
  • Maps all your campaign data across channels, including your advertiser AdTech, and priorities to understand your impression loss, efficiency, mix and effective revenue yield for all ad units and demand sources
  • Prepares data for Business Intelligence, efficiency, delivery, pacing, opportunity, and yield analysis and reporting


Datalytics Publisher TEMS


Datalytics Publisher Dashboard

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